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Borehole users urged to carry out checks as water table drops

Borehole users urged to carry out checks as water table drops

Borehole users are being warned to prioritise maintenance checks as the record-breaking hot weather continues across the UK.

July saw only 8% of the average rainfall for the month and England and Wales have experienced the driest start to the year since 1976.

Already two water companies have imposed hosepipe bans, with Southern Water restricting use across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from August 5, and South East Water announcing a hosepipe and sprinkler ban from August 12 for Kent and Sussex.

And on Tuesday (August 9), Thames Water also announced that it would be bringing in water restrictions ‘within days’.

Individuals and businesses who rely on borehole water are not subject to the same restrictions but, as Mike Deed, from borehole maintenance experts Geoquip Water Solutions explains, the lower water table can impact on performance.

“Having your own borehole always gives you much more control over your water supply but in extremely dry conditions like these, it is necessary to carry out more regular checks as extract rates increase and well yields are potentially pushed to their limits.”.

“These can help avoid immediate problems and also help ensure the longevity of the borehole in the longer term, especially in preparation for the winter season and future irrigation seasons ahead,” he said.

Typically, because of the lack of rainfall in many parts of the UK, borehole pumps and motors are having to work harder to produce the same (or higher) amounts of water. Geoquip warns this can result in increased stress on equipment, especially if it has not been regularly serviced or checked in the past.

In addition, some borehole users are reporting a deterioration in well specific capacity , something the Geoquip team says is likely to be because underground water levels are so low, leading to an increase in the factors affecting the yields such as residue build up as well as iron related bacteria.

Geoquip carries a large stock of borehole equipment and iron related bacteria & residue treatment solutions, and its in-house knowledge means the team is working hard to help customers overcome problems.

This includes recommending regular maintenance cleans to tackle issues such as the build-up of bacteria (including iron-related bacteria – IRB) by using its BoreSaver range of borehole cleaning and well rehabilitation treatments.  End of season and pre-season treatments are likely to be even more important following a drought period when maximum extractions and when equipment has been driven hard.

And, as Franklin Electric’s UK strategic partner for groundwater products, Geoquip can also advise on installing systems such as Franklin’s High Efficiency System (HES), helping to cut energy costs by up to 21% and improve motor efficiency – something which is increasingly important as costs continue to rise.

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