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British Antarctic Survey - Case Study


British Antarctic Survey (BAS)


Rothera Research Station, Antarctic


Angus Offshore 850 Fuel Transfer Hoses and Reeler

Project Description:

Maintaining fuel supplies to visiting ships during wharf redevelopment project


British Antarctic Survey, BAS, Rothera Research Station, Angus Flexible Pipelines, Fuel Transfer Hoses and Reeler



 “All the reports say the equipment worked well and probably performed better than expected in terms of ease of use.”

British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera Research Station is described as ‘the UK Antarctic hub for frontier science’.

A major modernisation programme now underway involves the demolition and eventual rebuilding of the Rothera Wharf. Once complete, the wharf will be able to accommodate BAS’s new, much larger research vessel, the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

During the redevelopment, BAS needed to ensure fuel supplies from onshore fuel tanks could continue to service visiting ships, so it approached Geoquip to find a solution. Working in partnership with Angus Flexible Pipelines, Geoquip recommended the Angus Offshore 850 Fuel Transfer Hoses and Reeler to enable temporary ship-to-shore refueling to take place.

The equipment has been in place throughout 2019 and Tim Jackson, BAS Facilities Engineering Manager, says: “The disconnect and cleaning all went well and although the over-water fueling is more complex, we shall probably continue to use the lay flat hose system even when the wharf is completed.”

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Photo credits: British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and BAM