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Falconara (Hydrauic Barrier) Case Study




Falconara, Italy 


BoreSaver IKL Pro, BoreSaver Ultra C Pro

Project Description:

The Hydraulic barrier well for an industrial site in Falconara was contaminated with algae, calcium carbonate and iron bacteria 


BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, BoreSaver IKL Pro, hydraulic barrier, calcium carbonate, iron related bacteria.


"Following the treatment, pump output achieved 28m3/hr, up from 12m3/hr, an increase of 233%."

The hydraulic barrier for an industrial site in Falconara was significantly underperforming, achieving only 12m3/hr with a drawdown of 8m. A downhole video inspection revealed algae, calcium carbonate and iron bacteria contamination which had clogged up the screen slots and the pump as well as reducing the quality and output of the water. The well is 400mm in diameter and 10.5m deep.

The pump was removed from the well which was then treated with IKL Pro, Ultra C Pro and caustic soda in pearls using a piston cleaning technique. The pump was cleaned using a large barrel filled with water and Ultra C.

Following two treatments, 24 hours apart, the majority of the screen slots were completely open and the algae, calcium carbonate and iron bacteria almost completely eliminated. The submersible pump was re-installed and tested, and now achieved 28m3/hr with a drawdown of only 4.7m, an increase of 233%. As this level of pressure was not required, the flow was reduced to 21m3/hr with a drawdown of 4.40m.

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