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Getting Winter Ready - Donít let your pipes be as frozen as your turkey this winter

It might still seem like the tail-end of summer, but with colder temperatures round the corner, this is the perfect time to start thinking about making sure your systems are winter ready.

The Geoquip team has some top tips to keep your borehole equipment running, your water flowing and your geothermal systems keeping you warm and toasty - just in time for roasting that (unfrozen) turkey.

  • Plan ahead – don’t leave winter preparations until it’s too late and everyone is on Christmas shutdown. Act now by carrying out general physical checks on all systems and equipment to help identify any weak spots before they become a major issue.
  • Insulation – all pipes will benefit from the addition of insulation to protect against freezing conditions which can lead to burst pipes and breakdowns.
  • Test and test again – monitor existing water flow, check water levels before and during pumping, carry out a pressure test and general water quality. This will help establish a baseline in the event of future problems.
  • Check – ensure all relevant valves, meters, mechanisms, electrical components and monitoring systems etc., are in good working order. It’s easier to replace component parts now than when the temperature drops
  • Drain down pipes and filters – irrigation systems have fulfilled their summer duties, so drain the pipes to avoid potential problems with water freezing during winter
  • Double check the site around your well – has anything changed (for example new drainage ditches) that might impact on water flow after heavy rain or snowfall?
  • Protect your wellhead to ensure contaminants cannot enter the well.

And finally…always remember that prevention is better than cure. We recommend taking professional advice from experts who will help you make sure you don’t suffer a severe case of the winter blues.

For more detailed advice about being winter ready, contact Geoquip’s experts on 01473 462046 or email