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Helping printers keep their cool - TwistIIClean Case Study


Technotrans Graphics


Essex UK


TwistIIClean, Hydrodif fittings

Project Description:

Installation of a TwistIIClean filter onto a thermal control device for the print industry


Technotrans, water-cooling, corrosion, printing equipment, TwistIIClean, filtration, Geoquip

“I could see the benefits of TwistIIClean straight away. Today, we would never offer a water-cooled project without that filtration element built in. It’s a simple part of a complex puzzle that can make a significant difference,” Peter Benton, MD of Technotrans Graphics

Thermal management company Technotrans manufactures thermal control devices to help keep printing equipment cool. These use water to absorb waste heat, piping it from production areas into a centralised water-cooling system.

From there, the warm water goes into an external heat exchanger where lower outdoor air temperatures automatically cool it down—known as free cooling—before the water is piped back into the system again.

The complete thermal system is filled with a mix of water and up to 35% glycol to prevent freezing and provide anti-corrosion protection but, as with any sealed water-cooled system, contamination (typically caused by pipe debris and/or rust) can build up, leading to reduced cooling or component failure.

To protect the printing equipment, all Technotrans’ central water-cooling systems include a TwistIIClean, an innovative filtration system from Geoquip. Easy to install and use, the TwistIIClean removes any water-borne debris and includes a patented reverse flushing action, enabling the filter to effectively clean itself with a simple turn of a handle. Debris is automatically collected in a stainless steel screen area, while a clear bowl shows when the filter needs cleaning.

TwistIIClean can also be used in irrigation, heating and cooling projects, misting systems, pools and spas.

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