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Isle of Wight (Slope Stabilisation) - Case Study


Isle of Wight Council


Isle of Wight, UK


BoreSaver Ultra C, BoreSaver Liquid Enhancer 

Project Description:

The isle of Wight Council, have a problem caused by iron related bacteria in their dewatering siphon wells.


BoreSaver, siphon wells, iron related bacteria, ground stabilisation.


Isle of Wight images

"The council have used BoreSaver since 2005 and it now forms part of their regular maintenance programme."

The Isle of Wight Council look after the Castlehaven Costal Protection Scheme in the Niton area of the island.

They were having trouble with ground water contamination, possibly from the septic tanks, which was causing iron related bacteria to grow in the ground stabilisation dewatering wells.

A solution that was environmentally friendly and easy to use had to be found to maintain the running of the system and hence stabilise the cliffs. The system comprised over 100 siphon wells interconnected with 10mm pipes hundreds of meters in length via a series of deep chambers where the accumulators were installed.

The Council have used BoreSaver since 2005 and it now forms part of their regular maintenance programme. Twice a year the system is flushed through with BoreSaver which keeps the system from furring up and de-clogs the accumulators where most of the problem occurs. Cleaning the abstraction siphon wells also ensures that the wells continue to yield effectively.

Click here to download case study. Click here to download case study.