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Life-changing water solutions - Village Water Donation

Geoquip has partnered with international safe water charity Village Water to help reach more people with basic but life-changing facilities.

Village Water is a small team of 7 based in Shropshire. We’ve been working with local partners in Zambia since 2004 and Mozambique since 2016 to help improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH) for families living in rural, remote and low-income areas, and we’ve reached over 850,000 people since we began.

Probably everyone reading this will be lucky to have access to these basic WASH facilities. We have toilets and taps in our home, we have bottled water in every shop on the high street but right now, 59% of people in Zambia and Mozambique still live without clean water. Instead they have to use other sources, like this mother who is washing her family’s clothes in a river and where downstream, very likely someone else will be collecting their water from. 

Shockingly, 83% have no toilet and instead must use the open bush. The new threat of COVID-19 has refocused how important it is to have safe water and somewhere to wash your hands.

The generous donation from Geoquip means we’ll be able to reach more people with these basic facilities.  

It means more children like Sara, pictured right, will be able to wash their hands with clean water and protect themselves from sudden viral outbreaks like covid, and illness that impact them daily like diarrhoea and eye infections.

It means more families will have safe, clean water at home to drink, cook and wash with and have a private toilet to use, improving health and dignity for all. 

It also means people have more time and energy. Children can go to school, adults can focus on their crops and grow enough to eat and sell. Without the need to chop wood to boil dirty water, dangerous CO2 emissions are reduced, and the natural environment is protected.

So much positive change comes from these ‘basic’ facilities.

The village of Muwawa in Mozambique, are pictured celebrating at their new water point. This new pump brings water, it brings health and it means they can plan a better and brighter future. That’s what support from Geoquip will help us achieve.

From Beth and the rest of the Village Water team - Clare, Ian, Karen, Kelvin, Owen & Philip – thank you.

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