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Showtime for Geoquip and Franklin Electric

Showtime for Geoquip and Franklin Electric

Attending two shows in November provided an opportunity to fly the flag for both Geoquip and Franklin Electric products.

At the National Fruit Show in Kent, the team chatted to fellow exhibitors and attendees, highlighting the benefits of good borehole maintenance and the importance of choosing the right pump to maximise efficiency and yield.

A few days later, we were at the Borehole Users Conference (BHUC), organised by Envireau Water, promoting both consultancy expertise and Geoquip and Franklins’ wide portfolio of products.

The BHUC theme was Designing the Future: Sustainable Borehole Water Supplies and Geoquip promoted the energy-saving benefits of choosing a High Efficiency System (HES) pump, which delivers energy savings of up to 21%.

“It is always good to connect face-to-face with our extensive network across the borehole sector and other water professionals. Given the cost of energy prices, making a decision to choose such an energy efficient pump should be a very simple one and it was an important message to get across to the audience.”