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Springtime tips for borehole users

As the spring weather continues to slowly warm up, it’s traditionally the time when boreholes start to be put back into action ready to provide irrigation and water supplies.

From golf courses to farms, manufacturers to garden centres – plenty of organisations rely on their boreholes to keep water flowing throughout the dryer months of the year.

However, with many systems mothballed during the winter or having remained dormant due to the Covid lockdown, it’s important to carry out a few simple checks before getting them up and running.

As experts in borehole maintenance, Geoquip Water Solutions suggests the following:

  • Before re-starting the pump, inspect for any signs of damage around the exterior of the borehole, such as cracks or leaks
  • Consider investing in a downhole camera survey to ensure there has been no internal damage, for example blockages around the pump/borehole casing, or visible signs of bacteria
  • Check that all relevant valves, meters, mechanisms, electrical components and monitoring systems etc., are in good working order
  • Once checks are completed and the pump has re-started, carry out flow and performance testing to ensure you are achieving optimum output
  • Use a simple Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) to take a water sample – this can easily be done on-site and will help identify if any bacteria is present in the water. Bacteria can impact on both water quality and quantity – identifying the problem can ensure prompt treatment solutions can be put in place
  • And finally – remember it’s not enough to just fit and forget your borehole. Just like a care, a borehole requires regular attention, so consider investing in a maintenance check with a professional borehole company

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