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Training programme boosts Franklin Electric (FE) product knowledge

Training programme boosts Franklin Electric (FE) product knowledge

Three of the team from Geoquip recently returned from visiting Franklin Electric (Europe) in Italy as part of an ongoing training programme.

Our Engineers spent time learning about the finer details of the EH Multi-Stage Surface Water Pumps, which are typically used in water treatment plants and domestic, industrial and agricultural systems.

They explained: “We were shown how to dismantle and re-assemble the pumps and looked at the different processes involved, so it was very helpful and useful, especially with regard to dealing with client service support.

“The training gave us a greater understanding of the most efficient and practical ways to work with the pumps and the knowledge we need to identify any issues and correct them.”

Their flying visit also included the chance to tour the offices and see the production line in action.

Geoquip is proud to be Franklin Electric’s UK partner for groundwater applications, in addition to supporting the market as the Franklin Electric Service Partner (FESP) UK and Ireland.