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UK Pinecroft Gardens BoreSaver - Case Study

9 September 2019


Andy Fly  - Pinecroft Gardens


Storrington, UK


BoreSaver Ultra C

Project Description:

Award-winning gardener needed help after severe IRB build-up in borehole effected his irrigation system.


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“It has been a fantastic solution. BoreSaver turned the water from horrible orange sludge to virtually clear, it was remarkable.”

With ever-rising water bills of £450 a month to irrigate his prize-winning collection of rhododendrons and azaleas, Andy Fly invested thousands of pounds in a borehole for his three-acre garden in Storrington, West Sussex.

Although it initially helped cut costs Andy, chairman of the Wessex branch of the RHS Rhododendron, Camellia & Magnolia group, soon found a build-up of iron bacteria and contamination affected both the flow and quality of the water and left brown marks on foliage and flowers.

A contact recommended Geoquip Water Solutions’ BoreSaver treatment programme and within just one weekend, Andy’s problem was solved.

“One of the pumps had only been working intermittently and this really improved the flow. It’s been a great product and a great level of service, the instructions were easy to follow and very explicit. I can now water as much as I like and my water bills have reduced to around £50 a month.”

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