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Water pump solutions for poultry farms - Case Study


Agri Management Solutions  (AMS)




Franklin Electric E-tech EH Horizontal Multistage Pump with Drive-Tech MINI

Project Description:

Enabling efficient water transfer from storage tanks to poultry drinking lines during critical growth period


Pumps, water storage, broiler production, poultry farming, Franklin Electric


Ellis Whittal-Williams: “It’s important to have a system which can cope with a requirement for very small, slow amounts of water when the birds are very young, and allows you to gradually increase the flow and pressure as demand increases.

“As the sun comes up and the birds wake up, the demand for water will be higher. Having the Drive-Tech MINI enables us to run the pump constantly, instead of stopping and starting multiple times an hour. Less variants mean the pressure is more constant, resulting in a smoother operation with less wear and tear and increased energy efficiency"

A strong, regular water supply is an essential part of broiler production. One of the biggest challenges during the growing period from two-day old chicks to 34-day maturity, is to control the flow and quality of drinking water to production units.

Hereford-based Agri Management Solutions (AMS), provides water and irrigation services to poultry farmers across the UK, typically installing pumps into large on-site water storage tanks to transfer the water through any necessary filtration systems and onto the poultry drinking lines.

For energy saving and greater efficiency, AMS’ Ellis Whittal-Williams says the EH Horizontal Multistage pump from Franklin Electric E-tech, complete with its new inverter device Drive-Tech MINI – a state-of-the-art booster set – is his preferred solution.

Ellis has been working with Franklin Electric and its strategic partner Geoquip Water Solutions and says the equipment is both “reliable” and “cost-effective”.

The Drive-Tech MINI enables 24/7 monitoring (remotely via Bluetooth if required), and statistics show it delivers an average 40% energy savings compared to conventional speed control systems.

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