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Wellmaster Demonstrates its Flexibility - Angus Wellmaster Flexible Rising Main Case Study


Soft drinks manufacturer




Wellmaster flexible rising main hose, R-CAM 1000 XLT borehole Camera

Project Description:

Removal of excisting pump, maintenance check and installation of a new rising main and pump in hard to reach location


Angus, wellmaster, steel on a reel, laval, downhole camera, flexibility, R-CAM 1000 XLT

Drilcorp’s Mike Bushby, says: “Wellmaster certainly ticked all the boxes. Utilising the roof to anchor it as we carried out the installation would have been impossible with any other system.”

When a soft drinks manufacturer wanted to remove an existing pump from a borehole, check for problems and install a new rising main and pump, it called on borehole maintenance specialist Drilcorp.

Especially challenging was the borehole’s difficult-to-reach location, which the Drilcorp team had to access via the roof of an adjacent building. Having first removed the head plate and lifted the pump, it then lowered a Laval R-CAM 1000 XLT camera, secured via a rooftop tripod. The dual view camera provides both a down view and side view making it easy to check for any damage.

With a clean bill of health, Drilcorp then brought in a Wellmaster rising main. Known as ‘steel on a reel’, it is up to 75% lighter than equivalent steel risers. Its flexibility was vital for this project as it was installed via a roller on the rooftop of the neighbouring building.

Geoquip Water Solutions works closely with Drilcorp and is an authorised partner of both Laval and Angus Flexible Pipelines, manufacturer of the Wellmaster range.

Photo above left shows the Wellmaster being transported across the rooftop and (right) now installed onto the pump.

Photo credits: Drilcorp

 Click here to download case study.