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West Hill Golf Club UK - BoreSaver Ultra C Pro Case Study

14 June 2021


West Hill Golf Club


Woking, Surey


BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, R-CAM 1000 XLT borehole Camera

Project Description:

Deterioration in quality and quantity of borehole water caused by iron-related bacteria


Golf course, boreholes, well, reduced water flow, BoreSaver, iron related bacteria, IRB, Laval camera

Ben Edwards, course manager at West Hill Golf Club, said: “In the summer, the borehole pumps work all day to fill the irrigation tanks and we water at night. Before the clean I couldn’t do that because there wasn’t enough water, but afterwards the flow rate was tremendous and the clarity of the water was crystal clear. It has been absolutely amazing.”

The 18-hole West Hill Golf Club has around 400 members and regularly features in the top 100 golf course listings. In early 2020, course manager Ben Edwards began having problems with the quality and quantity of water from the main borehole used to feed the irrigation tanks. With less water, the fairways began to brown off and Ben was also concerned that the water had turned orange.

He consulted Bryn Ager at Treewaters Control Systems, who used a Laval R-CAM 1000 XLT camera to inspect the borehole, quickly establishing that iron-related bacteria (IRB) had severely blocked the casings, impacting on water flow and causing the discoloration.

Bryn treated the borehole with a BoreSaver Ultra C PRO solution from Geoquip Water Solutions, carrying out an initial brush and clean of the borehole and the wellhead. The product was then left in place until a second clean three days later to remove any remaining residues. The treatment was so successful that after a new pump was installed, water flow increased by over 300% a day, from 60 cube to 260 cube, and the borehole now flows again all night.

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