Data Loggers, Pressure Transducers and Water Level Meters

Data loggers, Pressure Transducers and water level meters for measuring and monitoring changes in water table level. This line includes static and falling head water level meters, dip meters, temperature, oil / water interface meters and groundwater data loggers. 

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Heron dipperLog NANO Level Data LoggerCALL US: +44(0)1473 462046

The dipperLog NANO is a cost effective, tried and tested ground water level data logging system. The dipperLog NANO is available is both stainless steel and Delrin for easy deployment with vented or non-vented cable - carry case included.

Heron Vented DipperLog NANOCALL US: +44(0)1473 462046

The vented dipperLog NANO is a reliable and cost effective solution to long term monitoring of groundwater levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. The vented logger is also ideal for applications involving short term pump, slug testing, wetland and tidal studies - carry case included.

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