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Lakos Pump Protection Separators - PPS

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When sand threatens the performance of a pump, Lakos Pump Protection Separators can help solve the problem. Utilizing controlled centrifugal action, Lakos actually separates troublesome sand from the water before it enters the pump, and before it can grind away at the pump's internal components. Separated sand is then discharged deep into the well.

Made of durable carbon steel, Lakos Pump Protection Separators (PPS) feature no moving parts to wear out, no screens or filter elements to clean or replace, and require no routine maintenance. Trouble-free and effective, the Lakos PPS is easily installed onto the suction of a turbine or submersible pump. For pumps with flow less than 100 US gpm (23 m3/hr), refer to a Lakos SUB-K separator.

General Characteristics

  • Reduces pump wear, repair and replacement
  • Extends pump life by four times or more
  • Helps maintain optimum pump yield
  • Saves on pump energy costs with higher operating efficiency
  • Minimisescritical pump breakdowns
  • Reduces the burden on other filtration and treatment processes

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