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Lakos SUB-K Submersible Pump Protection Separator

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Protect your submersible pump and water system from the abrasive, damaging and costly effects of sand with SUB-K Pump Protection Separator. Using Controlled Centrifugal action, sand is removed from the water before it enters the pump, reducing wear, increasing pump efficiency and extending pump life - without reducing flow. Manufactured using state-of-the-art moulding techniques and industrial strength materials, the SUB-K features no moving parts to wear out, no screens or filter elements to clean or replace, and requires no routine maintenance. Trouble-free and effective, SUB-K Separators are easy to install into water wells as small as 4" I.D

Reduces sand abrasion wear to pump impellers and other components, EXTENDING the pump life by 5x or more.....GUARANTEED!  

•  Help maintain optimum pump yield  
•  Saves on pump energy costs with higher operating efficiency  
•  Minimizes critical pump breakdowns  
•  Improves flow past the pump motor, helping to cool the motor  
•  Sub-Pak models for 4" wells where well seals are uses instead of shell

How it works


Where does the Sand go?

Will Separated Sand Fill up the Well?

The Lakos Sub-K Series separator is designed to prevent excessive damaging to a pump. Unchecked, sand wear costs significant time and money. Instead, the separator offers a more cost-effective alternative.

Separated sand periodically discharged deep into the well. Experience has proven that accumulation requires bailing of the well, more often the actual flow of the aquifer serves to evacuate much of the sand to prevent troublesome build-up. In addition, extensive research by Ohio State University addressed this exact concern (water well journal, Oct. 1985). Their study revealed that the accumulation of some sand by a Pump Protection Separator actually changes the inflow of water into the well, creating a state of equilibrium that drastically decreases the flow of further sand into the well.








  • Maximum Particle Size: 1/4" (6mm)
  • Maximum Particle Concentration: 500 ppm
  • Minimum Depth of Well Below Separator Setting: 20 feet (6.1m)
  • Minimum Submergence of Separator: 30 feet (9.2m) below pumping draw down water level
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