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TWISTIICLEAN Screen Element Options

Lakos Blue Mesh   200 mesh/ 74 microns- ULTRA FINE


Maximum protection and pre-filter to water treatment

Lakos Black Mesh   140 mesh/ 105 microns- FINE


Micro-sprays and fine misters

Lakos Grey Mesh   100 mesh/ 150 microns- STANDARD


Popular for whole-house protection

Lakos White Mesh   60 mesh/ 250 microns- Medium


For typical landscape sprinklers

Lakos Brown Mesh   30 mesh/ 600 microns- Coarse


For large-orifice impact sprinklers

The TwistIIClean Sun Shield is ideal for sunny installations in order to prevent algae from growing in the clear bowl. The black neoprene woven cover blocks the sunlight which algae and other organics need to spread.

The TwistIIClean inline sediment filters remove organics, sand and sediment from water systems. Easy to install and easy to use, TwistIIClean can be used on an as-and-when basis and provides quick and easy cleaning in less than 20 seconds.

                                                 before after

A gentle ¼ TWIST of the handle begins the patented reverse flushing action, and the TwistIIClean backwashes itself from the inside out. All the debris is quickly and forcefully cleaned off the filter element and flushed from the bottom port.

Please note: Install TwistIiclean on pressure (outlet) side of any pumps and pressure tanks.

General Characteristics

  • No Mess
  • No Disassembly to clean
  • No need to turn off water to clean (eliminated air in system)
  • No leaks
  • Easy maintenance and no tools required
  • Rugged design works with all plumbing systems indoors and outdoors
  • Over 200% larger stainless steel screen area lasts for years, collects maximum debris between cleaings. Clear bowl shows when filter needs cleaning.
  • typical applications: Home water well, agricultural and landscape irrigation, misting systems, pools, spas and more!

Note: These are suitable for post 2011 units only, pre 2011 parts are not interchangeable.


Screen Selection Tip

Using a coarse screen mesh can allow finer particles to trap within the screen mesh, making it difficult to remove such trapped particles. Using a finer screen mesh may be better at keeping finer particles on the screen mesh surface, making it easier to flush away such unwanted particles.

Lakos Filter guide

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